Spicy shrimp, sea scallops, tuna, Celeste's recipe.


Celeste is a friend of mine, who visits me regularlyand this time, she gave me a lovely  recipe that I want to share with you.

milk bread

1 can tuna fish
1 cup Coquilles st. Jacques or sea scallops or 200 grm.
300 or 400 gr shrimps (depends  the money in your  pocket)
1 big onion chopped
1 Tablespoon oil
1 teaspoon chopped garlic
4-6 slices of sandwich bread
1 cup milk plus 1 cup water
Salt, pepper
Cumin  and a pinch of origano
2 Tablespoons parmesan cheese
4-6 tablespoons of hot pepper (depends if you like harissa put as mush as you like it, here we put ají amarillo in paste (widely used in peruvian cuisine).

raw ingrediennts

in a blender, mix bread, milk, and water. set aside
greese a pan with oil, add oinion, garlic, origano, cumin and the peruvian chilli until well sauteed. Then add the blended ingredients, uncooked shrimps, sea scallops,  canned tuna fish, parmesan cheese and continue cooking for 4-5 minutes and that’s it.serve immediatly , either with rice as we did , or with pasta. or as a filling for the french vol au vent.

hot hot
thank you celeste


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