Panna Cotta with coconut milk / cream chocolate

here is a dessert that we eat and eat with pleasure and great tasting.
it take me ages to decide to make this panna cotta, despite that every time I go to the shop, I buy a box of coconut milk to do it... but there is always something that stops me, but  finally I did it.
I can't remember where I had already seen a panna cotta with coconut milk, and the idea stucks in my head.
try it.... you are not going to be disappointed.
panna cotta with coconut milk:
-200 Ml of milk
-200 Ml of cream
-200 Ml coconut milk
- 40 grams of brown sugar.
- 4 grams of gelatin

chocolate cream:
500 ml milk
1 full tablespoon of  cornstarch 
1 tablespoon of brown sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla
100 grams of dark chocolate
(Quick and simple recipe from ma cuisine rouge )
preparation of the panna cotta
Put the gelatin in cold water
In a saucepan, stir together th mixture of liquid and sugar and set over a  medium heat
When the mixture comes to a little boil, turn off heat and add the softened gelatin, stirring until completely dissolved.
Pour into small glasses, chill and let to set at least 3 hours.

for the chocolate cream:
Combine cornstarch, sugar and the equivalent of 2 table spoons  of milk 
Boil the remaining milk and remove from heat.
Dip the pieces of chocolate the hot milk and leave a few minutes before mixing.
Pour the mixture into the pan of the mixture of sugar-cornstarch and bring to a boil while whisking constantly.
Boil for one minute or until you see the mixture thicken , pour this on the panna cotta, slowly
it is best to remove the glasses of panna cotta from the fridge a little before, so that the glasses will be at room temperature and dwill not broke when we add the hot chocolate cream.
let cool before putting in the fridge, serve garnished with a little whipped cream

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